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Home of the "West Link" System 440 repeaters

Located in West Tennessee 

West Link System Coverage Maps

Status of the West Link Repeaters

West Link 440 Repeater System (All Repeaters have 131.8 hz. pl except as noted)

444.875 mhz.     Jackson, TN.            HUB Repeater                    In Service  - WX 1000 operational

Replacement Jackson hub repeater installed - Weather net is suspended temporarily. See below.

442.075 mhz.     Natchez Trace, TN. (Henderson Co.)                In Service - Linked - Severe Wx traffic

442.150 mhz.     Gleason, TN          (Weakley Co)                          In Service - Linked - Severe Wx traffic

442.400 mhz.     Hornbeak, TN.       (Obion Co)                              In Service - Linked - Severe Wx traffic

442.425 mhz.    Williston, TN.         (Fayette Co)                             In Service - Linked - Severe Wx traffic

442.675 mhz.     Milan, TN.               (Gibson Co)                            In Service - Linked - Severe Wx traffic

442.775 mhz.    Arlington, TN.    (N4GMT Repeater 107.2 pl)     Future Linked Repeater

442.800 mhz.     Selmer, TN.           (McNairy Co)                           In Service -  Linked - Severe Wx traffic

443.200 mhz.    Paris Landing, TN.  (Henry Co)                            Out of Service 

443.325 mhz.     Decaturville, TN.     (KA4P - 131.8 pl)                 In Service - Linked - Severe Wx traffic

443.425 mhz.     Savannah, TN.       (Hardin Co)                           (future linked repeater) 

443.600 mhz.     Ripley, TN.              (Lauderdale Co)                   In Service - Linked - Severe Wx traffic

444.475 mhz.    Dyersburg, TN (K4DYR - 100.0 pl)                      In Service - Linked - Severe Wx traffic

444.525 mhz.    Brownsville, TN (KI4BXI - 107.2 pl)                    In Service - Linked - Severe Wx traffic 

444.775 mhz.    Memphis, TN (WB4KOG - 107.2 pl)                    In Service - Linked - Severe Wx traffic

West Tennessee Weather Net on the West Link 440 System

The weather net has been suspended temporarily due to a Jackson hub repeater issue.  A temporary repeater has been installed until the main hub repeater can be repaired. As a result the link radio to the weather net has been disconnected. Sorry for the inconvenience.

The West Link 440 system links into the West TN Weather Net each night from 8:00 - 8:30 p.m. Please feel free to check into the net. NOTE: If you're checking in from the 440 system, please key your radio for 2 seconds before talking to allow the repeaters to link. The hope is this will improve the coverage and participation of the weather net. If you have questions, please email me.

If you have a 440 repeater in the Memphis National Weather Service coverage area (West Tennessee, Missouri Bootheal, Northern Mississippi) and would like to link to the above system on a part or full time basis, contact me at: ka4bni@ka4bni.com


Other Repeaters and Transmitters

Repeater                 Location                                                                        Status        

446.075 mhz.     Jackson, TN.   PL 77.0 (Simplex Wx transmitter only)   In Service with Severe weather traffic

224.240 mhz.     Jackson, TN.   PL 131.8                                                         In Service - stand alone repeater

145.470 mhz.    Gleason, TN.    PL 100.0                                                          In Service


For more information see the KA4BNI Echolink/IRLP Web Page


Jackson MTEARS Linked Repeater

444.450 mhz.    Jackson, TN          123.0 pl NE4MA repeater  In Service and Linked

 MTEARS system (www.mtears.org).

Join the Middle TN ARES / Skywarn net on the Jackson 444.450 repeater on Monday nights at 8:00 p.m. Everyone is invited to check in regardless of location. 


The KB4IBW Repeaters - Dresden, TN.

Now with the IRLP / Echolink installed

53.130 mhz. (- 1 mhz. offset)         Dresden, TN.                In Service with a 107.2 hz. p.l. tone - Echolink / IRLP

145.150 mhz. (- 600 khz. offset)    Dresden, TN.                In Service with a 100.0 hz. p.l. tone - Echolink / IRLP

 443.875 mhz. (+ 5 mhz. offset)      Dresden, TN.               Out of Service

6m, and 2m are linked together full time.

The KA4BNI 220 Repeater Page

A 220 Ham Radio repeater is now in Jackson, TN. The repeater (224.240 mhz. -1.6 mhz offset / 131.8 pl) has good mobile coverage of Madison  and some surrounding counties. Go to the link above for the 220 repeater web page. 



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